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3a832cbc 12/23/2013 05:41 PM Jocelyn Delande

Added sanity checks

ea08a2a7 12/23/2013 04:48 PM Jocelyn Delande

adds a rm_reference.php webservice and fixed the typing from/to ini files

c5f89cd9 12/20/2013 02:16 PM Jocelyn Delande

webservice to reference ref_points is ready

e68abb6a 12/18/2013 02:17 PM Jocelyn Delande

first steps of add_reference.php webservice : input validation/sanitization and RefPoint class

eb537a36 12/09/2013 11:55 AM Jocelyn Delande

small fixes arround site_point::get_all() usage

c4802754 12/08/2013 07:14 PM Jocelyn Delande

moved all_points webservice to use methods from site_point

812f173f 12/08/2013 07:14 PM Jocelyn Delande

make use of constants

135e59fc 12/05/2013 06:29 PM Jocelyn Delande

linked the map points to panorama visualization

034df12a 12/05/2013 05:41 PM Jocelyn Delande


598caaec 12/01/2013 06:18 PM Jocelyn Delande

now displays the circles with the same color as on the pano (sortof...)

5c5b7504 12/01/2013 01:31 AM Jocelyn Delande

Added a display of all the ref_points on the map.