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72402bdf 12/23/2013 05:58 PM Jocelyn Delande

Merge branch 'faimaison-specific' of into jocelyn-master

723cb62f 12/09/2013 02:58 PM Jocelyn Delalande

and even better with php tags

fb66982c 12/09/2013 02:55 PM Jocelyn Delalande

better with a comma

d9ee446a 12/09/2013 02:53 PM Jocelyn Delalande

added first set of points for Nantes

efce4ca2 11/24/2013 04:35 PM Jocelyn Delande

added altitudes of buildings (estimated to ref_points)

b42eb160 11/17/2013 10:48 PM Jocelyn Delande

added reference points for Rhizome/Compi├Ęgne

fe3e0cdf 11/17/2013 07:31 PM Jocelyn Delande

- Moved ref_points.php to something less toulouse-specific ;-)
by default : no ref points, but the ability to define its own list
or to use one of the files from ref_points folder.
- Fixed the UI if the ref_points list is empty.