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When transmitting, Serial.write() and Serial.print() group bytes from successive writes together into USB packets, to make best possible use of USB bandwidth. You can override this behavior using Serial.send_now(), but by default multiple writes are merged to form packets.
on teensy 3.x : Serial1 Serial2 Serial3
"Long-term, as in after the K66 board, I very likely may make a Teensy using one of those chips. I've been talking with NXP about future versions of that chip, but any info that's not yet on their website is covered by a NDA, so I really can't say anything more at this time. In the nearer term, I'm hoping to see a shield (made by a third party, not PJRC) with one of the mature Nordic chips and Lipo battery management...."
teensy and mbed, overclocking issues
Paul blog, audio, jtag


logiciels simulation
868MHz ISM Band Dipole Antenna
Part No. : OMB.868.B05F21
Product Name : 5dBi 868MHz ISM Band Indoor/Outdoor
Omni-Directional Antenna
Feature : Suitable to use in robust outdoor environment
Dimensions: Height 1093.5mm

"Lorawan mesh network"
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Tests I have done from a ground station to a high altitude balloon suggest that @ 1000bps 10mW will cover around 120km on simple 1/4 wave wires and 100bps will go around 300km.
"The gateway is based on iC880a LoRaWAN concentrator by IMST which uses Semtech SX1301 base band processor designed for use with LoRa™ networks. It is capable of supporting thousands of endpoints with eight simultaneous receive channels. The BeagleBone Green with 1GHz (2000 MIPS) processor and fully operational on fast SPI bus was chosen as a powerful control unit. The Mikrotik Routerboard providing the advanced settings of the communication functions on Ethernet serves as a communication gate with the Internet on TCP/IP. The installation in tandem with the suitable antenna on the appropriate Point of Presence (like telecommunications pylons, roofs of the buildings etc.) can establish bidirectional communication network which allows handling with thousands nodes up to several dozen kilometers."
Imec and Holst Centre Present Multi-Standard Low-Power Wide-Area Radio Chip
If solder jumper J1 is not made, power for the RF switch is supplied via iMod port pin 10, marked VS on PCB. This is useful for very low power applications that want to save the 9 to 20uA supply current required by the RF switch. For these applications, power can be supplied(to iMod port pin 10) via a port pin on CPU only when transmitting or receiving.
Microchip RN2483 Low-Power Long Range LoRa™ Technology Transceiver Module
RN2483 sleep current

cheapest LoRa node

decoding LoRa
AN1200.22 LoRa™ Modulation Basics
Aujourd’hui, un canal de fréquence de 200 kHz est utilisé par Sigfox, pour des messages de 100 Hz de largeur de bande. Cela correspond à 200 messages pouvant circuler en simultané depuis ou vers une station Sigfox (200 kHz x 100 Hz x 10% = 200, les 10% correspondant à la marge prise pour éviter les collisions). Les messages comportant 208 bits (sur 2.08s) et répétés trois fois, cela nous fait une capacité de 2,7 millions de messages par jour au maximum.

La technologie LoRa utilise 8 canaux de fréquence de 125 kHz dans la plage de fréquence 867 – 868,5 MHz. La capacité totale d’un réseau LoRa se juge par une agrégation de capacités par débit. Etant donné que différents débits sont proposés (correspondant à autant de spreading-factors SF), on obtient 138 000 messages par jour à portée maximale et 3.3 millions messages par jour à portée minimale.

Les réseaux LoRa permettent de mesurer un temps de propagation à une précision de l’ordre de 200ns, ce qui correspond à une précision à 60m sur la distance.
RPMA, or Random Phase Multiple Access,
via fondation eclipse
Interference Modelling and Analysis of Random FDMA schemes in Ultra Narrowband Networks / sigfox
boite insa lyon iot partenaire orange grenoble

MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/"Internet of Things" connectivity protocol.,181.0.html
Antenna Tutorial or Antennas in a Mote
DORJI also provides sample codes based on microcontroller and Arduino platform. The customers who buy the modules can contact the sales of DORJI for modifiable copies.
Lora range tests
Choose LoRa module freq and antenna for best range
LAAS et meteo france capteur / radio via mherrb
SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz CC1310 Wireless MCU Intro Texas Instrument
The board features a 3-axis accelerometer, a magnetometer, and a U-blox Eva 7M GPS module, which SODAQ says was the lowest-power GPS it could find.
Introduction to Texas Instruments SimpleLink™ CC2650 for Multiprotocol Communication
SimpleLink Ultra-Low Power Wireless MCU Platform-Based CC1310DK

Low-Power and Lossy Networks (LLNs)
Open{WSN|Mote}: Open-Source Industrial IoT
PhD Hybrid-ARQ mechanisms in a radio-cognitive context. Romain Tajan
HDR soutenues en 2014 LIMOS/HD-14-01 : Alexandre GUITTON
Titre : Réseaux de capteurs sans fil à multiples piles protocolaires

RFM22 GNU Radio blocks for receiving reports from Ambient Weather wireless sensors. Tested w/ Ambient Weather F007TH Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer

Décision n° 2014-1263 de l'Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes en date du 6 novembre 2014 fixant les conditions d’utilisation des fréquences radioélectriques par des dispositifs à courte portée

Testbeds and Research Infrastructure: Development of Networks and Communities: 7th International ICST Conference, TridentCom 2011, Shanghai, China, April 17-19, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
WiBed, A Platform for Commodity Wireless Testbeds

Libelium espagne waspmote,1273.15.html,1434.msg9957.html#msg9957
lora low power listening,1731.0.html
1000 bps 40km LoS a 3 dBm TX
boutique matos avec les RFM* + les moteino :
LoRa for the Internet of Things
XRange SX1272 LoRa RF module
Laurent Toutain is now Co Founder at Acklio
Alexander Pelov is now CEO at Acklio.
IBM Long-Range Signaling and Control (LRSC)

LoRa Specification

experimentation frequences 2016[uid]=1843

Une plateforme LoRa avec accès au firmware opensource :

Je viens de trouver une dev board LoRa bien sympas qui a des airs de wino :

XLIM Sujet de thèse sur les réseaux en milieu marin Poitiers - La Rochelle

Wake on Radio
Adafruit Feather M0 with RFM95 LoRa Radio - 900MHz
Adafruit Feather M0 RFM95 LoRa Radio - 433MHz


TeensyWiNo 20160623

for(int jj=0;jj<100;jj++) {
  rf22.send((uint8_t*)data_f, size);

Table 11. Operating Modes Response Time page 16 200 micro tune => tx

Results in fonction of modem_mode tsend=tmicro2-tmicro1, twaitsend=tmicro3-tmicro2, for size = 8 bytes then 16 bytes


RTL2838 DVB-T gqrx GFSK_Rb2Fd5 50cm et 800cm

modem = GFSK_Rb2_4Fd36
Freq = 433.1 + 0.2*I
TxPower = I

#define RH_RF22_TXPOW_1DBM                         0x00
#define RH_RF22_TXPOW_2DBM                         0x01
#define RH_RF22_TXPOW_5DBM                         0x02
#define RH_RF22_TXPOW_8DBM                         0x03
#define RH_RF22_TXPOW_11DBM                        0x04
#define RH_RF22_TXPOW_14DBM                        0x05 
#define RH_RF22_TXPOW_17DBM                        0x06 
#define RH_RF22_TXPOW_20DBM                        0x07