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Laurent GUERBY, 02/15/2018 05:19 PM


Cisco Nexus 3064X
version 7.0(3)I4

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Interface de management out-of-band

  • n3064a Adresse:
interface mgmt0
  vrf member management
  ip address


Sauvegarde config

nexus# copy run start

Copie via scp

nexus# copy run scp://matthieu@

Config interface

nexus# conf t
nexus(config)# interface ethernet 1/3
nexus(config-if)# switchport mode trunk
nexus(config-if)# exit
nexus(config)# exit

pour un vlan non taggé

nexus(config-if)# switchport access vlan 3131

Etat des interfaces

nexus# sh int status
nexus# sh int transceiver
nexus# sh int ethernet 1/1


nexus# conf t
nexus(config)# boot nxos bootflash:/nxos.7.0.3.I4.7.bin 
nexus(config)# boot order bootflash
nexus(config)# exit


service unsupported-transceiver
no password strength-check

nexus# sh mac address-table 

nexus# sh environment
Module  Sensor             MajorThresh   MinorThres   CurTemp     Status 
                           (Celsius)     (Celsius)   (Celsius)           
1        Back-Right (D0)   70            44            33         Ok             
1        Back-Left  (D1)   70            42            29         Ok             
1        Front-Right(D2)   70            47            32         Ok             
1        Front-Left (D3)   70            49            30         Ok         

# TODO verifier
conf t
int eth1/4
switchport trunk allowed vlan xxx
switchport trunk native vlan nnn


nexus# sh version
Cisco Nexus Operating System (NX-OS) Software
TAC support:
Copyright (C) 2002-2017, Cisco and/or its affiliates.
All rights reserved.
The copyrights to certain works contained in this software are
owned by other third parties and used and distributed under their own
licenses, such as open source.  This software is provided "as is," and unless
otherwise stated, there is no warranty, express or implied, including but not
limited to warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
Certain components of this software are licensed under
the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.0 or 
GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3.0  or the GNU
Lesser General Public License (LGPL) Version 2.1 or 
Lesser General Public License (LGPL) Version 2.0. 
A copy of each such license is available at and and and

  BIOS: version 4.0.0
  NXOS: version 7.0(3)I4(7)
  BIOS compile time:  12/05/2016
  NXOS image file is: bootflash:///nxos.7.0.3.I4.7.bin
  NXOS compile time:  6/28/2017 14:00:00 [06/28/2017 21:53:29]

  cisco Nexus3000 C3064PQ Chassis 
  Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU        P4505  @ 1.87GHz with 3903284 kB of memory.
  Processor Board ID FOC17342TSZ

  Device name: nexus
  bootflash:    1638000 kB
  usb1:               0 kB (expansion flash)

Kernel uptime is 0 day(s), 2 hour(s), 10 minute(s), 12 second(s)

Last reset at 335975 usecs after  Wed Feb 14 15:25:27 2018

  Reason: Reset Requested by CLI command reload
  System version: 7.0(3)I4(7)

  Core Plugin, Ethernet Plugin

Active Package(s):

nexus# sh inventory all
NAME: "Chassis",  DESCR: "Nexus3000 C3064PQ Chassis"             
PID: N3K-C3064PQ-10GX    ,  VID: V01 ,  SN: FOC1734R15F          

NAME: "Slot 1",  DESCR: "48x10GE + 4x40G Supervisor"            
PID: N3K-C3064PQ-10GX    ,  VID: V01 ,  SN: FOC17342TSZ          

NAME: "Power Supply 1",  DESCR: "Nexus3000 C3064PQ Chassis Power Supply" 
PID: N2200-PAC-400W      ,  VID: V04 ,  SN: DTN1733P0VH          

NAME: "Power Supply 2",  DESCR: "Nexus3000 C3064PQ Chassis Power Supply" 
PID: N2200-PAC-400W      ,  VID: V04 ,  SN: DTN1733P0UK          

NAME: "Fan 1",  DESCR: "Nexus3000 C3064PQ Chassis Fan Module"  
PID: N3K-C3064-FAN-F     ,  VID: V00 ,  SN: N/A                  

NAME: Ethernet1/1,  DESCR: FiberStore                              
PID: SFP-H10GB-ACU10M    ,  VID: SFP-10G-AOC     ,  SN: F176CO35764-1    

nexus# sh license 
SERVER this_host ANY
VENDOR cisco
FEATURE LAN_BASE_SERVICES_PKG cisco 1.0 permanent uncounted \
        HOSTID=VDH=FOC1734R15F \
        NOTICE=<LicFileID>20131030222602000</LicFileID><LicLineID>1</LicLineID><PAK>N3K-C3064PQ-10GXFOC1734R15F</PAK> \
FEATURE LAN_ENTERPRISE_SERVICES_PKG cisco 1.0 permanent uncounted \
        HOSTID=VDH=FOC1734R15F \
        NOTICE=<LicFileID>20131030222602000</LicFileID><LicLineID>2</LicLineID><PAK>N3K-C3064PQ-10GXFOC1734R15F</PAK> \


77 Watt, cos phi 0.92, pas de pic pendant le boot